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Johann Bessler, also known as Orffyreus.  Invented a gravitymill in 1712.


A gravitymill is what used to be known as perpetual motion, and is sometimes called a gravitywheel. It is supposed to use gravity to drive it.

We have been taught, convincingly, that such things are impossible and yet a man called Johann Bessler designed and built just such a machine nearly three hundred years ago.

One’s instant reaction is to say that it must have been a fraud because such machines violate the laws of physics, but there is considerable evidence that Johann Bessler’s machine was genuine, in which case we seem to have a paradox - either, despite the strong evidence that he was genuine, Bessler somehow managed to fool everyone, or the facts we have been taught are wrong?

Not much of a paradox, you might think, and indeed, taking into account the unbounded confidence of our educationalists and all those who were taught by them - and that's everyone - that their assertions are correct, it would seem that there is no contest.  But there is reason to doubt them.

IHow can I prove that Bessler’s machine was genuine? Not easy as I’m sure you’ll agree.

I wrote a book called ‘Perpetual Motion; An Ancient Mystery Solved?’, in which I set out every piece of documentation relating to Bessler that I could find. I offered only facts and conclusions drawn upon just those facts.  I had read and reread everything ever written about and by the inventor. The result was that, in my opinion and many others who have read my book, it became apparent that he could not possibly have obtained the results he did by any other method other than by means of a genuine machine.

Having convinced myself I then set out to convince the rest of the world. Not an easy objective given the attitude to such machines taught in all our schools. But if the observed facts contradict our present understanding then we must review our beliefs and adapt them to incorporate those facts.

If Bessler’s machine was genuine we have, potentially, a clean, free source of energy available to us.  He was determined that his secret should not die with him and admitted as much in one of his books.  He would rather have been acknowledged post humously as the inventor of a gravity wheel or mill or a perpetual motion machine if that is how you prefer to refer to it .  To this end he secreted within his various publications various pieces of code each of which would, when deciphered, reveal, in part, the workings of his machine.

I have deciphered much of his coded passages and , I believe that  a viable machine can be constructed, using those pieces of information already assembled.


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My original book, written in 1997, is still available in both digital and hard copy. It will eventually be replaced by an updated version, but this first book has everything a lifetime of research into the life of Johann Bessler found.  Every piece of information available has been translated and discussed in the book.  Additional books by Bessler and translated into English are also available from

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