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Johann Bessler, also known as Orffyreus.  Invented a gravitymill in 1712.

John Collins

Why I spent 32 years researching the life of Johann Bessler.

I first encountered the legend of Besslerís wheel at the age of about 14 and even then, having read the facts as they were presented, I could see an obvious flaw in the conclusions drawn.

The wheel was described as being twelve feet (4 meters) in diameter and eighteen inches (half a meter) in thickness. The weight was estimated to be at least two to three hundred pounds and the whole construction turned on two bearings of just three quarters of an inch.

According to Besslerís maid, she was forced to turn the wheel by means of a secret lever from his bedroom adjacent to the wheel room.  A brief consideration of the facts proves that this claim was absurd.

1) The wheel achieved maximum speed in two to three turns.

2) It was frequently translocated to a different set of bearings to prove that there was no such connection.

3) The endurance test lasted in total 54 days.

4) The wheel was able to turn in either direction as desired.

Taking these points into consideration, it is inconceivable that anyone could turn a wheel of such dimensions just through the connection with the bearings. Not just keep it turning but start it and accelerate it up to 26 turns a minute within three turns and do work too, lifting a box of stones up to the roof, weighting 70 pounds.

Secondly it would have been obvious to anyone examining the open bearings if there was any kind of mechanism designed to drive the bearings, in them.

Translocation was specifically included to counter the argument that there was a connection to the bearings, assuming that there was some way of making the wheel turn through them.   Unrestricted examination of all external surfaces was permitted before and after translocation

She stated that Besslerís wife, brother and child also assisted in turning the wheel 24 hours a day for 54 days.  She said that Bessler himself could not help as he had to be in the machine room at the time to answer questions and run the tests. So four people including one nine year old girl, had to turn the wheel, impossible as that was, for at least six hours a day for all that time.  Impossible, impossible, impossible!

Although Bessler was arrested he was released without charge and subsequent research showed that  the maid had already spent time in prison for earlier offences and a condition of her release, was that she never again set foot in Annenburg, her home town, where Bessler first met her. Taking into account her character, the good character of Karl , the Landgrave of Hesse who had an excellent reputation for fair dealing and honesty, and who had personally vouched for the authenticity of the inventorís claims, having been allowed access to the secret - it is clear that we have a paradox; either, despite the evidence, the Landgrave and several hundred other observers, among whom were numbered Europeís most influential and famous scientists had been fooled - or, what we have been taught about the possibility of using gravity as a source of energy which can be wrong.

If there is the slightest shadow of doubt about what we believe about perpetual motion, then we should be examining, testing, designing and building such machines.  We need them now more than we ever have.

I am well aware of the derision that such ideas are met with, having been subjected to it for most of my life, however I am confident that I shall be able to show that the belief that such machines are a violation of the laws of physics is absurd and wrong.  I predict that this will come about during this year, and the situation will be reversed.

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ĎDas Triumphirend...í was Besslerís most professional publication. Written in both German and Latin, it was designed to appeal to as broad a spectrum of people as possible.  It contains some drawings of his wheel and also has several clues as to his machineís construction.  As in his other books it also contains much coded information. A full English translation is included.