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Johann Bessler, also known as Orffyreus.  Invented a gravitymill in 1712.

My intention

My Intention

My aim has always been to provide sufficient proof of Johann Besslerís sincerity to awaken suspicion in enough peopleís minds that perhaps he has been maligned. If some of those people suspect that the scientists are wrong and that it might just be possible to design and build a gravity mill that will work successfully, then my efforts will have been worthwhile. Of course I realise that there is tremendous wall of scepticism to surmount, but I am aware of support from small groups around the world and I am pleased to note the names of at least two acknowledged experts, both of them professors and scientists.

To this end, I have obtained all documentation relating to Johann Bessler and in particular all items published by him.  I have had these translated into English and have self published them with their English translation. My reasoning being that reading Besslerís words leads to the conviction that this man was sincere. No other conclusion can be drawn; it is as self-evident as the appearance of the sun at dawn each day, that this man was innocent of the charge of fraud and was indeed the genius he believed himself to be.

By publishing these books I hope that they will do the persuading for me, and additionally that someone somewhere will manage to decode the parts that have remained hidden to me.

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ĎGrundlicher Berichtí was Besslerís first publication. It is the shortest book he wrote and has one drawing of his wheel. It has also a number of codes in it. It appears to have been written by a third party, ut I believe in fact that he must have written it himself in only because of the codes inserted within it. A full English translation is included.